[AMRadio] Xtal mike

Geoff w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Mar 15 05:44:53 EST 2005

John Coleman wrote:

>	This is correct, and a lot of the "pre-amped" microphones or very
>good and some or not.  I used an old dynamic microphone case and pulled the
>guts out of it.  It had been in a flood.  Then built a preamplifier and
>condenser microphone on a small PC board and installed it in the old
>microphone case.  I actually used two condenser microphone cartridges from
>Radio Shack.  I don't remember the number but they were about dime size
>round and thick.  I think I used three transistors but I don't remember the
>circuit as that was several years ago.  My wife, Vickie, helped dye the new
>spit cloth and glued it in.
>See the picture at 
>The LEDs were a small optical add-on.  
>John, Coleman

Ladies and Gentleman, please excuse my friend John.. he's always been a 
bit modest...

Here -are- a collection of pictures of his shack and operating position, 
as it was in the
summer of 2002...

73 = Best Regards,
(/m5 New Orleans, LA)

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