[AMRadio] B&W 5100, 5100b differences?

Geoff w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Mar 15 10:10:33 EST 2005

George KB2Z wrote:

> Thanks all, for the replies. I gained a lot  of information from them.
> Would any one know of a website, or other place, where information 
> specific to the 5100 / 5100B
> could be found?
> Again thanks, George kb2z


I don't know how to use the "tinyurl" thingie...

however, is you just go to www.google.com and type (with quotes)
"B&W 5100" in the search box, there's 165 different hits...

73 = Best Regards,
(/5 New Orleans, LA)

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