[AMRadio] SSB AM revisited

W7QHO at aol.com W7QHO at aol.com
Thu Mar 17 23:44:37 EST 2005

In a message dated 3/17/05 4:04:03 PM, k4kyv at hotmail.com writes (in part):

> The only way SSB AM can be destortion free is to run a vely low percentage
> of modulation, or insert additional carrier (the BFO).  
Ah, so...   wondered about that.   Ran a Harris 301/302 a while ago which in 
the "AM" mode adds a carrier to it's normal USB output.   Observed that to 
sound good it had to be adjusted so that on the scope it looked like DSB AM 
modulated about 50%.   

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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