[AMRadio] Friday Night AM operation Long

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Sat Mar 19 06:59:38 EST 2005

    Sorry to hear that. But keep the faith.
    Our 3.870 West Coast AMI Net on Wedneday eves continues to go strong, 
and it is orderly and pleasant. In fact, our NCO the other day was a YL Op., 
she did a great job, and we must have had about 40 check-ins. It's not 
without it's challenges from some SSB'ers, but AM is alive and well. In 
fact, all week long, both informally, and at other scheduled times. Maybe 
you can strike up with some others out there on another frequency.
    Keep those filaments lit.

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> Well,
> Pete after it started that nonsense, I decided to go down to the work
> bench and listen to some music and finish the check out of my NC-183D.
> That turned out being more fruitful than trying to join a QSO on channel
> 19.
> Makes me wonder if the people getting back on AM are getting discouraged
> finding this sort of thing "Raging" on 80 meters. I think this AM window
> thing has about worn out its usefulness, time to go on any clear phone
> frequency and forget about being "Stuck and ignored" in the fictitious
> AM window.
> Jim
> peter markavage wrote:
>> Well I don't know about other Friday nights, but I (in NJ) was listening
>> around 3880 from 8:30 to about 10 PM EST and I'm not sure why you would
>> have wanted to break into anything going on there. Combo  of music,
>> distorted recordings, people singing(if you could call it that), people
>> talking, grunting, making non human sounds, two/three/four stations all
>> trying to talk or make noise at the same time, and all acting childish
>> and without any sense. If you're not part of the click, then you're
>> ignored. Maybe you should consider yourself lucky not to be part of the
>> Friday night "grown-up adolescents" that make all AM'ers look bad. AM
>> radio on Friday nights in the Northeast sometimes tends to bring on
>> operators who have forgotten to engage their brain cells.
>> Pete, wa2cwa
>> On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:33:17 -0500 "James M. Walker"
>> <chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu> writes:
>> > Greetings,
>> > I have a question, about 80 meter night-time operation. Specifically
>> > on
>> > this evening, as it seems there is a ducting effect or some such
>> > condition
>> > happening in the way of propagation. I have noticed it happens only
>> > on
>> > friday evenings and apparently only to my signal.
>> >
>> > Example I repeatedly try to get into the on going QSO on 3880, but
>> > I
>> > can't
>> > seems that no one is apparently able to hear my signal, when I am
>> > on
>> > this
>> > frequency. In an attempt to check my equipment, I switched to LSB
>> > moved
>> > down
>> > to 3875 Khz and called some folks that I heard there, and got a
>> > good
>> > report
>> > and a welcome to the group. A couple of checks showed that yes my
>> > antenna
>> > is working, and yes I am getting out to the North and the East and
>> > no
>> > there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my signal.
>> >
>> > So why is it so difficult to get into the "Round Table" for lack of
>> > a
>> > better term on 3880. I hear signals from people I recognize but I
>> > don't
>> > get heard on that one particular frequency. Strange, indeed.
>> >
>> > If I wait until propagation changes, I can work into the south.
>> >
>> > I mean what is with that frequency?
>> >
>> > Just wondering! Thanks for the read!
>> > Jim
>> > WB2FCN
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