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Sat Mar 19 18:54:24 EST 2005


I think you need a pair of BC-610's in Push Pull.

Good Luck.  K0NG

Quoting "James M. Walker" <chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

> Greetings,
> I have a question, about 80 meter night-time operation. Specifically on
> this evening, as it seems there is a ducting effect or some such
> condition
> happening in the way of propagation. I have noticed it happens only on
> friday evenings and apparently only to my signal.
> Example I repeatedly try to get into the on going QSO on 3880, but I
> can't
> seems that no one is apparently able to hear my signal, when I am on
> this
> frequency. In an attempt to check my equipment, I switched to LSB moved
> down
> to 3875 Khz and called some folks that I heard there, and got a good
> report
> and a welcome to the group. A couple of checks showed that yes my
> antenna
> is working, and yes I am getting out to the North and the East and no
> there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my signal.
> So why is it so difficult to get into the "Round Table" for lack of a
> better term on 3880. I hear signals from people I recognize but I don't
> get heard on that one particular frequency. Strange, indeed.
> If I wait until propagation changes, I can work into the south.
> I mean what is with that frequency?
> Just wondering! Thanks for the read!
> Jim
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