[AMRadio] ricebox experiments

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Wed Mar 30 21:57:01 EST 2005

I figured out that if you take the Kenwood TS-430S and do the 
mods required for installation of the 6KHz wide the AM filer, but 
instead of installing the filter, you just leave the 680 ohm 
resistor across the in/out connections, what you get is a very 
wide AM passband.. excellent for listening to strong shortwave 
broadcast, but very wide indeed.. like 20-30KHz..

Still, it beats the narrow 1.8KHz at -6dB / 3.3KHz at -60dB SSB filter.

I can't find the darn 6KHz at -6dB / 11KHZ at -60dB 8831.5KHz-centered 
"YK-88A" AM filter anywhere!

I need an YK-88A!! Or maybe I could build some kind of simple 
passband filter. It would not have to be perfect, or sharp, just 

I think I miss my R-390.


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