[AMRadio] ricebox experiments

Geoff w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Wed Mar 30 22:05:54 EST 2005

Patrick Jankowiak wrote:

> I figured out that if you take the Kenwood TS-430S and do the mods 
> required for installation of the 6KHz wide the AM filer, but instead 
> of installing the filter, you just leave the 680 ohm resistor across 
> the in/out connections, what you get is a very wide AM passband.. 
> excellent for listening to strong shortwave broadcast, but very wide 
> indeed.. like 20-30KHz..
> Still, it beats the narrow 1.8KHz at -6dB / 3.3KHz at -60dB SSB filter.
> I can't find the darn 6KHz at -6dB / 11KHZ at -60dB 8831.5KHz-centered 
> "YK-88A" AM filter anywhere!
> I need an YK-88A!! Or maybe I could build some kind of simple passband 
> filter. It would not have to be perfect, or sharp, just 'something'.
> I think I miss my R-390.
> PJ


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