[AMRadio] ricebox experiments

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Mar 31 20:46:44 EST 2005

Well Pat, money speaks.
Wonder what my 430S with the 10 Hz., AM filter 500 Hz CW filter, FM board, 
AT 250 tuner, power supply, 150 KHz receiver mod and most of the updates 
done would bring?  Mine isn't as pretty, it has been used mobile and I have 
the palm mic, MC 50 desk mic, mobile bracket and power cord plus the data 
cable between the AT 250 and radio, original owners manual, copy of the 
service manual, and brochure.  It all works too.

I can't believe it will bring much, but we will see.

73  Jim

> Wow, these antiques must be going up in value! I only paid $200 for my 
> 430S, and that included the power supply and manual! Maybe I got a 
> super-good deal.
> Here's what I got from the "ebay prices realized" site:
> TS-430S samples 12 min $255.00
> max $885.00
> If it were not for the broken switch which is likely unobtanium, I might 
> go for it, just to get the filter and then re-sell..
> Notice how the guy with feedback zero is dogging the high bidder.. I often 
> find this suspicious, especially when the item hits near its theoretical 
> ebaisian value.
> I note he has done the 10Hz readout mod as well, very nice.
> I'll watch this and see.
> Thanks,
> PJ

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