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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun May 1 19:32:30 EDT 2005


You might look up call signs of hams located in the towns you are planning 
to visit.  With the telephone lookup pages available today you could call 
them in advance to arrange meeting them for lunch or their preference. 
Typically they like to visit with people of similar interests.  They will be 
helpful and kind throughout the visit.

I never went South any further than San Miguel de Allende but would suspect 
if you find much, Mexico City would be possible.  Most of my time was in 
Monterrey, Chihuahua but mostly in the smaller communities.  I only remember 
seeing two or three towers with beams and they were near San Carlos.

In those days, it would have been near impossible to load a 390 in anything 
to get it home.  Tariffs on electronic gear was quite prohibitive as were 
the costs of buying an automobile.  They had a 100% tax on cars at that time 
but with enough Mordida you could do all right.  Now with NAFTA in place it 
is not so bad.  I had a friend who scowered Mexico for airplane parts that 
had real troubles when he tried to bring back some Pratt & Whitney engines, 
designed in America, but built in Canada, to the US.  But that was all years 
ago, things have changed.  Maybe you should check the customs provisions to 
see what is allowable.

Great country and we thought of retiring there, but don't speak the language 
well enough to make the "deal".

73  Jim
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> Hi Jim,
> Many thanks! Maybe I'll ask a few of the locals when I'm down there, 
> too...
> I recall reading in ER a LONG time ago about somebody who found a surplus
> place somewhere in Mexica---had a bunch of old military gear & R390A's, 
> but
> I can't recall the prices...
> Can you imagine trying to load one of them babies onboard a plane bound 
> for
> home as a piece of carry-on luggage...?!
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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