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Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Tue May 3 22:08:52 EDT 2005


I am down in the bottom of the Kent Valley. I live in senior apartment. But
at least on the 4th floor. I cannot have an outside antenna.

Last year I was able to copy K7RLD in Bellevue and the person in Lacy. But
now nothing. John(K7RLD) is over the hill from me  about 20 miles.

The current antenna ia only a 40M 1/4W wire. It starts in the SE corner of
my livingroom and goes west about 18' then turns north and termiates in the
bedroom. I am planning aon a second leg going north for about 18' then going
west for the remainder. But it will only be a 40M 1/2W dipole because that's
all there is room for. My livingroom window faces south.

I don't hear much on 75M anymore. On 75M I have about a S5 noise level on
the SB-301 and about a S9 noise level on the SX-110.

It's not a receiver problem. The SB-301, HR-10, and SX-110 all behave the
same way.

If there were 40M operation I think I might have a chance. And I am hoping
to possibly see some 10M AM operation.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.


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> > Here in Seattle I have lost the NW group because my antenna runs east to
> > west. And all the acivity is off the end to the east of me.
> Surely your 75m antenna is not THAT directional? What is it??
> All of the NW guys are very loud up here, even the Idaho gang, on any
> of wire hung onto the rx.
> Steve / VE7SL / Mayne Island, BC
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