[AMRadio] Posting to this list - ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ

Brian Sherrod arksky at alltel.net
Sun May 8 12:18:25 EDT 2005

I hope this does not seem redundant, however I must once again remind the members who
have more than one email account about receiving posting errors.  Many of us have
multiple email accounts/addresses these days, like a Yahoo account in addition to the
account your ISP provides to you.  At least once a week I get email from members who
receive the list mail as expected, but when they want to post a message, it comes
back as rejected.  Some of the emails I get about this are rather irate until they
realize they sent the message to the AM list from an email account other than the one
they used to subscribe with.

At this time, there are NO members being moderated or screened for their postings,
and I really don't think I have ever had to moderate certain members on our list.  We
have a good group of people on the AM List, no doubt!

PLEASE, if you do send a message to our list and it is rejected, the only reason that
would occur, is if you are not a member, or you are using a mail account (POP) that
is different from the one you used for your list membership.  That account is the
ONLY way the list software has to know who you are, and determine if you are

If you use something like MS Outlook or Outlook Express, you can select which account
to use on the FROM line when you send out email, that is if you have your other
accounts setup to send mail.  Other email clients have similar methods to setup more
than one account too.

Brian / W5AMI

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