[AMRadio] Hosstraders Hamfest Report May 6-7, 2005

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Mon May 9 13:42:12 EDT 2005

Well, keeping with the more typical Hosstraders type weekend it
managed to rain at least one day. It would seem that we've been
spoiled with the last 2-3 installments being very pleasant indeed.

Friday was the better of the two days, and it showed in both
attendance and gear available. Saturday was off and on rain, like
sprinkles but not tremendously heavy or steady while I was there (I
left around 11:15 AM Saturday). Here are a few of the things I saw:

SB-220 amp VG-exc $450 - sold for $400
Drake L4 amp w/supply VG-exc - $500 sold for $400
R-390A exc w/CY-979 cabinet - $700 sold for ?
R-390A w/LS-206 speaker $200 sold for ?
Vibroplex Champion bug exc - $20 sold for $20
Clegg Interceptor B VG $225 sold for $150
Halli R-649 Fair - $60 sold for $60
Halli SX-71 VG - $75 unsold
Large Bird Dummy Load w/case & wattmeter exc - $150 sold for ?
Numerous hacked-up ARC-5 and SCR-274N pieces, didn't have the heart to
ask price after seeing one of the ATA transmitters I need basically
gutted and unrestorable.

Several Johnson Rangers, one claiming to be mint factory built example
but had relay installed in the center of the chassis and
less-than-factory-looking solder joints. Owner made foolish claim then
admitted he really didn't know anything about the transmitter, but
apparently knew it was worth at least $450. No idea if it sold.

On display was a beautifully restored WWII equivalent of a deuce and a
half w/cab mounted gun ring sporting .50 cal. Also Dale, KW1I and/or
Brown had a later model communications van w/GRC-19 and other gear
operating in back. Both vehicles located in the AM corral, which seems
to be where the bulk of the good stuff is.

One thing I didn't see were the usual piles of tubes. There were a few
vendors offering them, but nowhere near as many in the past. There
were some imported folks selling jewelry and other unrelated junk
though, so perhaps this made up for it?

I took along a Collins-tagged T-195 to trade for a nice RBK-16, also
traded one of the LF SP-200 models sans supply for an RBK-15 and some
cash. Bought the R-649 from Brown as a companion/donor for my R-649A.
Sent a pair of HT-37s to a new home for $200/pair. Also picked up the
Interceptor receiver. One of the few trinkets I found as a hand mic -
M-15, looks a lot like the T-17 but apparently a noise cancelling
version? Has big slots along the side behind the bakelite cover.
Complete with PJ-068 plug. Think I paid $10, can't remember.

Did some pre-fest trading the night before with W1RC which netted me a
Collins 310C-2, ARC-5 single transmitter and receiver racks, dual ARA
receiver rack missing rear box, full set of splines and a dual control
box all in excellent overall shape, for some Eldico gear I had excess
to my needs.

Had a great time at the 'fest despite the rain Saturday. A group of us
went to dinner in Concord Firday evening. Rode with Bruce W1UJR and
Larry NE1S in Larry's restored '63 Ford Falcon Futura complete with
correct vintage Elmac AM gear that sounded GREAT. Powered by a
PE-103(?) in the trunk. What a ride.

Had hoped to meet several folks from the lists but apparently missed
them. Looking forward to the October installment.

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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