[AMRadio] ARRL Bandwidth Regulation -- I'm Worried!

peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue May 10 20:26:24 EDT 2005

Your "section leader: should visit the ARRL site to get the correct info.

To start, QUOTE for ARRL site:  The EC made no change to its earlier
recommendation that the rules continue to permit double-sideband,
full-carrier AM and independent sideband (ISB) as specific exceptions to
the 3 kHz bandwidth limit--with restrictions of 9 kHz and 6 kHz
respectively--on all bands now allowing 'phone transmissions. (In ISB, or
independent sideband, each sideband of a double-sideband signal carries
information or data independent of the other.) 
Your quote: "I like my hobby."
Remember, it's the Amateur Radio Service
Go here to review the text Bandwidth Proposal:
or if the link is truncated, go here:
Go here for the PDF Chart:
or if the link is truncated, go here:
This has been discussed to the point of nausea all over the World Wide
Web for almost a year.
Pete,  wa2cwa

On Tue, 10 May 2005 16:52:39 -0700 (PDT) "G. TAYLOR" <wb8bem at yahoo.com>
> I keep hearing from my section leader, and sure don't like what I'm
> getting!
> The FACT is that they want to re-regulate us, and provide for AM in 
> a
> "special exemption" much as the KW grandfather clause. They then 
> can
> just elimainate the exemption. 
> To keep discussing the technical merits is a waste of time. They 
> don't
> want the facts, they have there minds made up, and are only 
> agreeable
> to amend them slightly to get it implemented. They then figure they 
> can
> change it simply by taking out the exemptions! 
> There is something BIG driving this, and I can't figure out what! 
> I just recieved this from "my" section leader: 
> Tentative proposals by frequency band: 
> 160M - Entire band = up to 3 kHz 
> 75/80M - Segments of up to 200 Hz, 500 Hz, and 3 kHz. A sub-segment 
> of 3 kHz would be open to automatic control. AM and Independent SB 
> (ISB) would be authorized by special exemption. 
> 40M - Same as for 80/75. 
> I read this as no exemption for 160M. Therfore NO AM. 
> What can we do????? We need to get together and get something 
> started
> or we are going to lose big! Discussion of technical aspects, which
> they seem to ignore, will not help. 
> We need somehow to present another face to the FCC or I'm afraid we
> will lose our operating privileges and can forget Ham Radio as we 
> know
> it! 
> I don't know how to do this, but hope we have an attorney or someone 
> on
> this list who does. 
> Sounds to me like we need to start a fund to fight this. Anybody 
> got
> any ideas? 
> I like my hobby. Don't want to give it up for "automatically"
> controlled "digital" operation!!!!!! 
> Gary WB8BEM/8

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