[AMRadio] ARRL Bandwidth Regulation -- I'm Worried!

Anthony W. DePrato WA4JQS wa4jqs at mikrotec.com
Wed May 11 13:56:30 EDT 2005

my state director sent out a email on this subject it was a little vague in 
some depts as to the reasons for the BW issue. He had asked about 
interference to cw and rtty ops from digi stations that the guys were 
complaining about. he said he had never had any problems and wanted to know 
just who had.
we his latest email was a couple of days ago on the subject and guess what 
. yesterday i was on 14.010 and some lid starts a pactor connect right on 
top of the HZ1 I was trying to work. wiped out that for a lot of the guys.. 
then last night i was trying to work another dx stations on  14.002.5 and 
here come N3YAH connecting to N9TSM right on a freq that is in use by many 
stations.. N3YAH connects and sends a email message about chain saws and 
Charter One Band needs you to update your records. What the hell is this 
lids up too ? passing junk mail off the Internet. here is where the winlink 
and pactor 1,11,and 111 problems lie. these guys are not passing health and 
welfare but Internet junk mail most of the time. i see a need for these 
modes but why do we need to go by band with ? hell they have  14.060 to 
14.080 now for all these modes. lets face it the big 3 have a lobby in D.C. 
and they want to sell radios. the agreement has worked up until now for the 
most part. if they want to play with new modes most will go the way  of 
amtor and packet anyway. give them a 100kcs of 10 mts. told my S.D. to drop 
N3YAH a line and ask him WHY he had to drop to the bottom of the cw dx band 
to pass his junk mail ?

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