[AMRadio] ARRL Bandwidth Regulation -- I'm Worried!

k0ng at inebraska.com k0ng at inebraska.com
Wed May 11 20:18:35 EDT 2005

Lids are LIDS Tony  !! There is no logic to explain digi on 14.0025.

Dumbing down works.  73 DE K0NG  ..

Quoting "Anthony W. DePrato WA4JQS" <wa4jqs at mikrotec.com>:

> my state director sent out a email on this subject it was a little vague in 
> some depts as to the reasons for the BW issue. He had asked about 
> interference to cw and rtty ops from digi stations that the guys were 
> complaining about. he said he had never had any problems and wanted to know 
> just who had.
> we his latest email was a couple of days ago on the subject and guess what 
> . yesterday i was on 14.010 and some lid starts a pactor connect right on 
> top of the HZ1 I was trying to work. wiped out that for a lot of the guys.. 
> then last night i was trying to work another dx stations on  14.002.5 and 
> here come N3YAH connecting to N9TSM right on a freq that is in use by many 
> stations.. N3YAH connects and sends a email message about chain saws and 
> Charter One Band needs you to update your records. What the hell is this 
> lids up too ? passing junk mail off the Internet. here is where the winlink 
> and pactor 1,11,and 111 problems lie. these guys are not passing health and 
> welfare but Internet junk mail most of the time. i see a need for these 
> modes but why do we need to go by band with ? hell they have  14.060 to 
> 14.080 now for all these modes. lets face it the big 3 have a lobby in D.C. 
> and they want to sell radios. the agreement has worked up until now for the 
> most part. if they want to play with new modes most will go the way  of 
> amtor and packet anyway. give them a 100kcs of 10 mts. told my S.D. to drop 
> N3YAH a line and ask him WHY he had to drop to the bottom of the cw dx band 
> to pass his junk mail ?
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