[AMRadio] "unprecedented"

Mark Bell bell at blazenet.net
Thu May 12 22:52:46 EDT 2005

> There is no precedent, that I can recall, that says you should ask
> for permission or get consensus before you submit a proposal to the FCC.
> Amateurs have been submitting proposals/petitions to the FCC for years
> without asking anyone for consensus.

Pete -

This is true so far as the individual is concerned.  It does not apply to
the ARRL.  We elect them to represent us, the membership.   As an ARRL
member, I expect to have input to the ARRL's policy making decisions, just
like every other member does.  I provide that input via written letter,
email, or the spoken word.   I also expect them to ask the membership what
it wants and use that information to form it's decisions for policy matters.
They are not elected to do as they see fit;  they are elected to represent

>The FCC will decide if the proposal has any merit  to assign
>it some official status, and then provide time
> for comments and review.

The FCC does not have the in-house technical knowledge to know if any
technical proposal has merit -- ever heard of BPL?  Do you think the FCC was
evaluating that on technical merit?   They rely on outside groups of
"experts" to provide input as to what has merit and what doesn't have merit.
Groups like the ARRL.

The ARRL is no different that any other corporation;  they have their
internal politics and special interest groups that struggle to get their
views represented.     Like any corporation, those special interest groups
may be very vocal, but may not represent the interests of the diverse

Mark K3MSB

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