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peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Fri May 13 02:16:02 EDT 2005

On Thu, 12 May 2005 22:52:46 -0400 "Mark Bell" <bell at blazenet.net>
Quote Mark - "This is true so far as the individual is concerned.  It
does not apply to the ARRL.  We elect them to represent us, the
membership.   As an ARRL member, I expect to have input to the ARRL's
policy making decisions, just like every other member does.  I provide
that input via written 
letter, email, or the spoken word.   I also expect them to ask the
membership what it wants and use that information to form it's decisions
for policy 
matters. They are not elected to do as they see fit;  they are elected to
represent us."

Division members elect a Director to represent member interests and
concerns at the Board meetings. He/She is your voice at all Director
meetings. Ideality, Director feedback to members of the Division should
generally come in the form of a monthly e-mail. This is how it works in
the Hudson Division. If your Director doesn't represent your interests
and concerns, and the majority of the rest of your Division, and does not
provide you any feedback, then you should elect a new Director.

The 15 Directors vote on policies, set future agendas, bring membership
issues and concerns to the table, etc. You can provide input to every
person working at the ARRL, including the janitor, but the only real
person that will bring it to the table is your Director. Likewise, it's
up to your Director to bring to you and members of your Division, queries
about your thoughts on future amateur radio needs, your concerns on over
all ARRL direction, policies, etc. Prior to the "formal" announcement of
the bandwidth proposal, my Director stopped to talk to me at a hamfest,
and to a number of other people throughout the day, to discuss, and get
our opinions, on some of the ideas that were being discussed at the
committee meetings. If your Director provided you no prior input or
discussion on the proposal, shame on him. I'll state it again; you have
one voice and one representative at all BoD meetings and that banner is
carried by your Director.

Quote Mark - "The FCC does not have the in-house technical knowledge to
know if any technical proposal has merit -- ever heard of BPL?  Do you
think the FCC was evaluating that on technical merit?   They rely on
outside groups of "experts" to provide input as to what has merit and
what doesn't 
have merit."

Agreed, but I never said anything about technical knowledge or technical
merit. The "merit" I'm referring to is cloaked in how the proposal is
presented, what it means to them (the impact), how it affects the future
of the amateur radio service, etc. Simply put, "the sell" to get it into
a position for comments and voting.

Quote Mark - "The ARRL is no different that any other corporation;  they
have their internal politics and special interest groups that struggle to
their views represented. Like any corporation, those special interest
groups may be very vocal, but may not represent the interests of the
diverse membership."

Agreed, just like our Congress and House of Representatives.

Pete, wa2cwa


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