[AMRadio] League Communications (or lack thereof)

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 10:11:19 EDT 2005

I've tried to work through my volunteer "Director,"
Bernie Fuller, N3EFN, who campaigned on a pledge to
represent our interests. He has refused to discuss
with me his support or dispute with the threatened
bandwidth petition from his group in Newington.

When it comes to communicating and interacting with
its constituents, things have changed and the League
has not kept up.

Their system today fails to respect the rise of
communications like the internet, electronic mail, and
variations like “blogs,” bulletin boards, and
reflectors, that can hold great influence over matters
that affect the Amateur Service.  Dissent is more
prevalent and more organized, only a fraction of
active hams pay dues to the ARRL, and it is
increasingly unacceptable to find a few guys in a back
room in Newington making closed-door deals among
themselves with membership resources.

Most struggling non-profit service groups in a
situation like this would overhaul their method of
outreach to constituents, but the League refuses to
officially contribute to these important ways of
communicating, and seems stuck in an old system that
insulates rather than supports the exchanging of

I am surprized you defend them so strongly, and
challenge you to supply a basis to warrant their
continued use of a system that is not working for them
or for the Amateur Service.

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