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Tue May 17 09:10:07 EDT 2005

Why don't we replace the paranoia with some concrete, positive, and well thought out suggestions of our own to preserve the segment of the hobby that we hold so dear?  Instead of doing battle amongst ourselves, we should be submitting some good ideas to be included in suggested future rulemaking.  Perhaps, specific inclusion, reference to, and protection of  the AM phone mode is what is required.  I do not believe that the ARRL or amateur radio in general will just stand still regarding future rules and regulations.  However, those rules do not need to be based on limiting or taking privileges away, but rather on being as considerate and inclusive as possible of present and envisioned use of amateur radio.  It seems like we are still fighting the AM/SSB wars of the 50's and 60's!  There is certainly is room for us all, we just need to make sure our interests are heard and provided for in any rulemaking.
73,  Jack, W9GT

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> Okay Pete, so the Hudson Division communicates. 
> If their example were followed by the other 95 percent 
> of the "system" I wouldn't have a complaint and 
> neither would so many other disappointed people who 
> wish to support the League. 
> Instead, we see every possible effort to keep it a 
> closed door Masonic-style secret club whose activites 
> are presented to members to react to, not to 
> participate in. 
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