[AMRadio] How can we rid the HF bands of AM ?

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Wed May 18 00:28:03 EDT 2005

>I was reading though the recent freebie copy of World Radio News today, and
>someone had written in asking how "we could rid the HF bands of AM" !!!
>They didn't publish the call of who asked the question.   The issue is at 
>office now, so I can't provide the page number, but it's in one of the "ask
>your question" sections.

In WorldRadio (the west coast ham radio rag published on newsprint), John B. 
Johnston, W3BE, retired chief of the Rulemaking Division of the Private 
Radio Bureau of the FCC that used to be in charge of ham radio rulemaking 
matters, publishes a monthly column on RULES & REGS.  The column is 
basically Q-A format, with Johnston sometimes inserting his own comments as 
a "W3BE-O-GRAM."

Many readers of this forum will recall that Mr. Johnston seemed to pursue a 
consistently anti-AM policy throughout the 20+ years he was involved with 
FCC rulemaking.  He first gained notoriety within the AM community when he 
advocated eliminating AM, in the guise of "deregulation," under the 
mid-1970's bandwidth proposal in Docket 20777 (not unlike the proposal that 
ARRL is currently discussing).  Later, he was a strong defender of the 1990 
AM power reduction, and typcially replied to objections from the amateur 
community by putting a spin on his response in such a manner to totally 
evade whatever issue was brought up.

In the June 2005 column most of the Q-A's are about Field Day and who can 
and cannot operate a given licensee's station, but here's the one Mark was 
referring to:

Q: How can we rid our HF bands of AM?

A. That would require an amendment to Section 97.3(c)(5), at least.

W3BE-O-GRAM: That would be much harder done than said.


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