[AMRadio] How can we rid the HF bands of AM ?

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Last time I checked SSB was a form of AM. Maybee Mr. Johnston is a CW 
only opp??

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Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 0:28 am
Subject: RE: [AMRadio] How can we rid the HF bands of AM ?

> >I was reading though the recent freebie copy of World Radio News 
> today, and
> >someone had written in asking how "we could rid the HF bands of 
> AM" !!!
> >They didn't publish the call of who asked the question.   The 
> issue is at 
> >my
> >office now, so I can't provide the page number, but it's in one 
> of the "ask
> >your question" sections.
> In WorldRadio (the west coast ham radio rag published on 
> newsprint), John B. 
> Johnston, W3BE, retired chief of the Rulemaking Division of the 
> Private 
> Radio Bureau of the FCC that used to be in charge of ham radio 
> rulemaking 
> matters, publishes a monthly column on RULES & REGS.  The column 
> is 
> basically Q-A format, with Johnston sometimes inserting his own 
> comments as 
> a "W3BE-O-GRAM."
> Many readers of this forum will recall that Mr. Johnston seemed to 
> pursue a 
> consistently anti-AM policy throughout the 20+ years he was 
> involved with 
> FCC rulemaking.  He first gained notoriety within the AM community 
> when he 
> advocated eliminating AM, in the guise of "deregulation," under 
> the 
> mid-1970's bandwidth proposal in Docket 20777 (not unlike the 
> proposal that 
> ARRL is currently discussing).  Later, he was a strong defender of 
> the 1990 
> AM power reduction, and typcially replied to objections from the 
> amateur 
> community by putting a spin on his response in such a manner to 
> totally 
> evade whatever issue was brought up.
> In the June 2005 column most of the Q-A's are about Field Day and 
> who can 
> and cannot operate a given licensee's station, but here's the one 
> Mark was 
> referring to:
> Q: How can we rid our HF bands of AM?
> A. That would require an amendment to Section 97.3(c)(5), at least.
> W3BE-O-GRAM: That would be much harder done than said.
> Don K4KYV
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