[AMRadio] FS: Miscellaneous BA Gear

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon May 23 09:37:40 EDT 2005

FS: Miscellaneous BA Gear

Heathkit C-3 Condenser Checker. Nice. Original.
Working. With manual. $33

Heathkit T-3 Visual-Aural Signal Tracer. Nice but has
a couple small scratches along the top front edge. 
Original. Working. With manual. Matches C-3 above. $33

E.F. Johnson 275W Matchbox. Paint looks great except for
a couple pencil marks on the front panel and dials.
Has extra coax connector on rear. Very Nice. $125

Aircraft Radio ATA CBY-52208 3-4Mhz Transmitter
predecessor to ARC-5. Made for the Navy in WWII. This
one has nice paint. But an SO-239 has been added to
the front panel and a copper box is mounted over the
rear connector. With all tubes and covers. But no
crystal. Easy restoration project. $28

Heathkit Twoer. Mic connector changed to ¼ inch jack
in original hole. Otherwise, front panel is original
and nice. Cabinet has been hacked up and is junk.
Works. With one crystal and manual. $24

Another Heathkit Twoer. No cabinet. Heathkit logo
missing from front panel. Otherwise not bad. Working.
With power cord. $15

Aircraft Radio (I think-the code is CBY) T-19/ARC-5
3-4 Mhz WWII Navy aircraft Transmitter. This has nice
paint, all the covers, all tubes and the crystal. The
front panel is unmodified but it is missing the
celluloid window in front of the roller inductor. Has
several unoriginal switches and knobs sticking out of
the chassis apron on the sides. The rear connector is
not original. Cosmetically very restorable. But
probably has heavy ham mods inside. $28

Heathkit HM-15 Reflected Power Meter.  Needs cleaning
but should clean up to look excellent. $19

Gonset Communicator II 2 Meter Transmitter/Receiver. 4
of 5 knobs are not original. Otherwise the front panel
looks good. Very dirty and needs cleaning but should
clean up into good, presentable condition. Missing rear
cover. Also missing the speaker for some reason. With
power cord, manual and one crystal. $28

Lafayette HA-1200 2 Meter Transceiver. Front panel is
good. Cabinet is good too except that it has an FM 
adapter from May, 1969 CQ Magazine bolted onto the 
right side. With power cable. $79

Heathkit IG-5280 RF Oscillator (Signal Generator).
Covers 310 khz to 110 mhz. Plastic-case transistor
unit. Runs on 9V battery or wall wart (not included).
Looks excellent. Working. With manual. $22

DeWald R-1050 "C-B Transceiver".  Two front panel knobs
are not original. Needs cleaned. VFO receive,
crystal-controlled transmit. Cabinet has unoriginal
holes drilled in both sides, probably for mobile
mounting. With original vibrator power supply that
plugs into the cigarette lighter! As-is. $99

Ameco VFO-621, matching VFO to the 6n2 below. Covers 6
meters, 2 meters and 220. Front panel is excellent.
Cabinet has some paint dings. All original. With
manual (might be a copy) $22 (not sold until Ameco 6n2
below is sold)

Heathkit IT-121 FET/Transistor Tester. Needs cleaned.
Looks good. No leads or manual. $9

Homebrew 2-meter converter in "early MFJ"-type plastic
box. Output is on 28-30mhz. Untested. $5

Ameco TX-62 Six and Two Meter Transmitter. Nice front
panel but key/mic is ¼ inch jack and may be
unoriginal. Cabinet has some paint scrapes, especially
at the edges. As-is. $27

T-21/ARC-5 Transmitter. Heavily ham-modified with
unoriginal dial and missing roller-inductor. Has all
covers and 1625s. As-is. $15

Western Electric BC-459A or what's left of it. Heavily
ham-modified with portions of front panel replaced.
Missing final tube cover. Has 1625's. Partly painted
and just looks a mess. $15

GE Progress line ET-20-A 144-174Mhz transmitter strip
from progress line mobile radio. Missing some tubes.
Lots of schematics and other GE docs for this. Free
with any purchase.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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