[AMRadio] sweeping the audio on TX test

John Coleman wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com
Mon May 23 21:04:21 EDT 2005

That is true for me as well PJ, But, the design or tuning of an AM rig is
still more that taking a CW rig and plate modulating it, which is what I
once thought in my younger days.  The RF section must modulate linearly.  If
Plate modulation is used then basically the RF Voltage output should follow
the Plate voltage and typically the plate current should follow the plate
voltage.  The plate efficiency should be the same value for all plate
voltages within the modulation voltage range.

I'm just throwing some stuff around to get a discussion going.

John, WA5BXO 

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The EQ for sale made me think of this:

How many of us, when we tweek ye olde voice transmitter, sweep 
the entire audio spectrum (or as much as will fit through the 
iron) to check flatness of frequency response and audio distortion?

To me, the audio part of the hobby is as important as the RF part.


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