[AMRadio] Hudson Communicates

peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Wed May 25 15:38:19 EDT 2005

On Tue, 17 May 2005 05:46:29 -0700 (PDT) VJB <wa3vjb at yahoo.com> writes:
> Okay Pete, so the Hudson Division communicates.
> If their example were followed by the other 95 percent
> of the "system" I wouldn't have a complaint and
> neither would so many other disappointed people who
> wish to support the League.

If your Director and Vice Director are not doing their job, vote someone
in who will. Their terms only last 3 years.
> Instead, we see every possible effort to keep it a
> closed door Masonic-style secret club whose activities
> are presented to members to react to, not to
> participate in.

Funny, with all your "posts" here, there, and everywhere, it seems you
are participating, but, for some reason, you desire that one-on-one
personal attention direct from Newington. If everyone wanted that
"personal" attention, they would probably have to hire more staff. 

Pete, wa2cwa

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