[AMRadio] Globar brand thermistors

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu May 26 17:08:19 EDT 2005

Cold resistances varied some.  Hallicrafters used them in TV sets as well as 
AC/DC sets, as did other manufacturers  Cold resistance varied from just 
over 100 ohms to about 85, if memory serves correct.

I found several at a parts store where I lived before and a friend of mine 
wanted several.  I don't think he wanted as many as I sent, but he is 
supplied for life.

Those of you who have old stores in their areas might check.  Perfect for 
what John mentioned and for the AC sets with no transformer such as the 
Scott SLRM.

73  Jim

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> Those things are really pretty cool.  I think they are around 100
> ohms cold and about 1 ohm hot at up to 3 amps.  They are great for the
> primary of filament XFMRs for Xmitting tubes.  I used to use them all the
> time.  We kept them in stock for the degaussing circuits in TV repair but 
> I
> haven't seen them for a long time.
> John Coleman, WA5BXO

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