[AMRadio] Globar brand thermistors

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Thu May 26 17:09:23 EDT 2005

Yea, when Jim reminded me of those globars, I realized that would be 
perfect to slow down the current surge on
my old radio with the 117Z6 rectifier, that lights up like a light bulb 
when you first turn it on! That's gotta shorten the life of the tube, 
big time!
In my mind's eye, I could see one of those globars, still in the card, 
someplace in all my old TV krap that I never threw away. The question is 
- can I find it?
So I headed out to my storage area, rumaged around, found my old tube 
caddy, and found the globar, still in it's wrapping, just like I saw it 
in my mind's eye. Way Kool!
George KE4HJ

John Coleman wrote:

>	Those things are really pretty cool.  I think they are around 100
>ohms cold and about 1 ohm hot at up to 3 amps.  They are great for the
>primary of filament XFMRs for Xmitting tubes.  I used to use them all the
>time.  We kept them in stock for the degaussing circuits in TV repair but I
>haven't seen them for a long time. 
>John Coleman, WA5BXO
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>George:  You might search around for some old "Globar" resistors.  Install 
>on the input line and they will absorb some of that inrush resulting in 
>longer life for the tubes.
>I found a card of them (they were in little packets that one pulled off like
>the pull tabs you bought at the beer joint) in little bags.  They were used 
>in TV sets and AC/DC radios.  Check for a parts store that has been in 
>business for a long time and find the guy with gray hair and an unsteady 
>walk.  He will know what you are talking about.
>73  Jim
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