[AMRadio] Globar brand thermistors

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Thanks for the info, Bob.
George KE4HJ

Bob Bruhns wrote:

>One thing about those "Globar" units - the type you want for the filament
>string is not the same as the type you want for the degausser.  You want an
>NTC (negative temperature coefficient) type for filament string inrush
>current control, and you want a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) type
>for the degausser.
>Digi-Key ( www.digikey.com ) has these units under "NTC Thermistors" and
>"PTC Thermistors."  I don't know if Globar is still around, but a lot of
>companies make them.
>  Bacon, WA3WDR
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>>Yea, when Jim reminded me of those globars, I realized that
>>would be perfect to slow down the current surge on my
>>my old radio with the 117Z6 rectifier, that lights up like a
>>light bulb when you first turn it on! That's gotta shorten the life
>>of the tube, big time!
>>In my mind's eye, I could see one of those globars, still in the
>>card, someplace in all my old TV krap that I never threw away.
>>The question is - can I find it?
>>So I headed out to my storage area, rumaged around, found
>>my old tube caddy, and found the globar, still in it's wrapping,
>>just like I saw it in my mind's eye. Way Kool!
>>George KE4HJ
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