[AMRadio] Globar brand thermistors

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Fri May 27 09:21:29 EDT 2005

That makes sense, because it would cut off the
degausser better.  The "hot" unit would work as an
inrush limiter, then.  Its resistance drops as it gets
hot, so it is an NTC thermistor.

  Bacon, WA3WDR

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> As I recall the hot one was in series with the supply
to the TV
> circuitry and the other was in series with the
degaussing coil, the
> degaussing coil and its series cold resistor device
was placed in
> shunt with the hot resistor.  In this way the voltage
drop across
> the hot resistor went very low and the cold resistor
(as it was
> called) would not conduct unless the voltage was
above a
> certain value.  Therefore in a few seconds the
> through the degaussing coil would drop to nothing.
> John, WA5BXO

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