[AMRadio] Like new 32v3 for sale!

Dino Darling k6rix at earthlink.net
Fri May 27 09:37:44 EDT 2005

I would LOVE to have anything like this!!!  New Jersey is too far to go to 
pick one up though... :-(

Someday one will pop up in Arizona/Nevada/California...I hope!

At 07:48 AM 05/27/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>I have for sale a like new 32V3 transmitter.
>The audio has been nicely modified a long time ago by Ed (ks3k) when
>he had the transmitter.
>It also has solid state rectifiers for high voltage, low voltage and bias.
>I used the 14kv 1 amp bricks mounted in tube bases.
>This transmitter has been 100% reliable for the last 20 years or so
>I have owned it, sounds good with a D104 mike, and puts out
>better than full power because of the high voltage.
>I think it's the one I changed the oil filled cap out from 8uf to 10 uf.
>It comes with an original manual, along with a very neat diagram of the
>Ed did to the audio circuit.
>The audio work was very nicely and cleanly done.
>I am asking $550.00 and it would need to be picked up, or I could
>meet someone half way within a reasonable distance...
>865-753-8406 home
>610-637-7530 cell
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Dino...k6rix at earthlink.net 

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