[AMRadio] FS: Misc BA Literature

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri May 27 10:09:20 EDT 2005

FS: BA Literature Miscellany. Mailing cost extra.

Ronald Lewin, Ultra Goes To War. Paperback. 400 pages.
Good shape. $5

General Radio 1973 Catalog. Cover tear at spine.
Othewsie excellent. $15

Military Microphone M-52/U original manual sheets. $2

Mlitary RU-16/GF-11 2 page surplus sales brochres with
small schematics. $1

Buffalo Radio Supply surplus promo 2-page brochure
covering BC-1068A and SCR-287A (BC-375). $1

Military RBB and RBC service info copied from Navy 
training courses. With schematic. Photocopy. $2

Military FM 100-2-3 photocopy: The Soviet Army. This
is a copy of just the pages covering the Soviet radio
gear. $2 each. 4 to sell.

Photocopy: Martin Streetly, Airborne Electronic
Warfare. Jane's. This is about a 30 page excerpt from
a lengthy book covering the birth of countermeasures
from WWII through Vietnam. The original usage of much
common surplus radio gear is discussed. Good Read. $5

Meshna Enterprises. 4 catalogs spaced over the period
1960-1965.  Great surplus pictures and descriptions.

Barry's Green Sheet 1968-69 catalog. Cover slightly
loose. Verg good. $2.50

Sam Hevener The Signal Corps 1993 catalog. Nice
descriptions. $2

101 Shortwave Hookups. Paperback Lindsay reprint. $8

Simpson 269 VOM original manual. Covers very poor. But
useable. $1

Rider, How to Use Meters, paperback, 1959, 200+ pages.
Very good shape. $7

Russell Summerville, Coils, a booklet published by 73
Magazine in 1962. Covers basics of all popular types
of ham coils.  About 25 Pages. Excellent photos. Nice.

AWA Old Timer's Bulletin Vol 1, #2 (2/60) and Vol 15,
#3 (12/74). Both vey good. $7/pair.

Dave Ingram, RTTY Today, Universal Electronics, 1964.
Super shape. Lots of HAL gear is covered. $8

Kirk Kleinschmidt, Stealth Amateur Radio, ARRL, 1999.
Like new. $7

National NCX-A Power Supply/Speaker Console 1963
Original manual. $4

Drake Model ML-2 "Marker Luxury Transceiver"  original
manual. This is a 2-meter FM 12-channel transceiver
circa 1971. $9

The story of WKBN 2-color brochure 1953, tri-fold.
Neat. $5

Hallicrafters SX-11 Manual Copy. $3

Mil surplus magazine article photocopies. This is a
manila folder of maybe 100 pages of magazine articles
and ads for various military surplus equipment. Lots
of good stuff here. $4

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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