[AMRadio] 117Z6 Globar Resistor update

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Sat May 28 19:25:09 EDT 2005

Hi Guys,
Here's an update on my attempt to limit the current to the 117Z6 in my 
old AM radio that I recently repaired and put back into service.
As I mentioned earlier, I found a Globar resistor in my old tube caddy 
from my TV repair days. I installed it, and it works great! For some 
reason, years ago, I had noted on the card that it was packaged in, that 
it was 150 ohms cold and 6 ohms hot.
Here's the data that was on the card:
Workman Electronic Products Inc. - Sarasota, Fla.
Model FR6
Hot current rating: 600ma
According to the info on the package it was intended to be used for a 
Motorola TV and had
the # 6B744326 on the card.

That set me to thinking. It would be good to have some current limiting 
globar type devices in stock for old radios I plan to repair later on. 
So I got my current Mouser catalog out to see what might be available. 
Here's what I found:
Page 389 - Thermometrics Thermistors and Sensors
NTC Thermistors - and then a listing of the values available. Problem 
is, there is no mention of the current capabilities of these devices. It 
only gives the cold ohms.
Just below that there is a listing for "Inrush Current Limiters".
It appears to me that this is what I should purchase, since the current 
handling capabilities are listed.
And it looks to me like the Mouser stock number 527-CL90 would be the 
one to order. Although it does not list what the "hot" resistance is, it 
does list it at 2amps current handling.

Can anyone on the list verify my choice before I acutally order them?

George KE4HJ

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