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Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Sat May 28 22:29:42 EDT 2005

I built a few tube type home brew receivers a few years ago.
I would say they are good performing receivers on AM, and would work very
well on cw/ssb with a good product detector added.

My receivers wound up working better than anything else I owned, or ever
owned, so
I sold off most of the vintage stuff.

My receivers have digital readout, its very accurate, are stable, and
extremely quiet.
They have an S meter and bfo (for zero beating), are single conversion to
and have low distortion detectors.

Building them was the most fun I ever had at building radio equipment.

I think its quite easy to build a good AM receiver, if you can find the
basic parts (IF cans and power supply parts).

Now, if you want general coverage, or to pick up weak signals with a crappy
it gets more complex (and noisy).

The IF filters are important, and I found filters made by Kiwa to work
very well at a low price.

Sometimes simple is better though, the homebrew receivers seem much better
to me
than the R390a I had, the icom 756 pro, the SX17 I had, or any of the
ham type receivers I ever had, and I had quite a few in the past.
By better I mean they pick up weak signals better, signals that are lost
in the noise floor in the R390a or 756pro are easy to copy on the home brew.
Fidelity is much better than the 756pro, slightly better than the R390A.

If you build it, you can add the features you like, and design it to do
what you want, for example, when I change bands between 160, 80 and 40
meters, it jumps
between 1880,3880 and 7290 Khz.
Tuning rate and range can be set to what you want.
Digital display, analog display, modern look, vintage look, small or large
whatever you want, just the way you want it!


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    Does anyone know of books, magazine articles or websites that have
construction articles for homebrew shortwave tube and transistor radio sets?
I would like to build a medium to high performance shortwave receiver. Are
there any kits besides Ten-Tec?
                Thanks, Byron.
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