[AMRadio] Globar brand thermistors

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Mon May 30 11:48:05 EDT 2005

Now that you mention it Don, I remember those Globar resistors your 
talking about.
The card that the thermistor I used in the 117Z6 circuit listed it as a 
It was made by Workman Electronics and clearly stated that it was a 
Globar Resistor.
I had it left over from my TV days.
I installed it and tested it. It was about 150 ohms cold. And dropped to 
around 6 ohms after a
very short warm up. So it most certainly is better described as a 
thermistor. I have no clue as to
why Workman would package it saying "Golbar Resistor", but that's what 
they did.
George KE4HJ

Donald Chester wrote:

> Don't confuse Globar thermistors with Globar resistors.  The latter 
> are non-inductive power resistors often used in dummy loads and 
> parasitic suppressors.
> My dummy load is made up of a dozen 600 ohm 150 watt Globars.  Each 
> one is about 18" long and 1" in diameter.  Supposedly you can heat 
> them to a dull red glow without hurting them, but I have never tried 
> running that much power, and I'm not sure what such abuse would do to 
> the resistance.  I have heard of the ones used in parasitic 
> suppressors of high power BC transmitters (50 kw) glowing under 
> parasitic conditions.
> Don
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