[AMRadio] RE: Glowbar Thermistors and Resistors - Donald and George

Bob WB5YYX wb5yyx at uphi.net
Tue May 31 06:11:36 EDT 2005

Donald and George-

You are both absolutely correct on the Workman Electronic Products
"Globar Resistors! They were as you indicated for use as dummy load
resistors and did not have the characteristics of the WEP Globar
Thermistors at all. In fact when I worked for Electronic Parts Company
in Albuquerque, New Mexico years ago al we stocked was the Globar
Thermistor series . This because of the immense demand from part-timers
and repair shops for repairs to TV-Radio products. Any Globar resistors
were special order only, pay in advance unless is was a repeat customer,
non-returnable order by whatever WEP stated was a standard pack (1,2, 3,
etc.). You are also correct in that the Glowbar Resistors had a Negative
Temperature Coefficient (NTC) from 150 ohms cold to 6 ohms hot.

I have not checked their product line for many years. I did not realize
they are still in business! The hyperlink to their website is
http://www.workmanelectronics.com/main.htm . Since they were established
in 1936 according to the Yahoo Search Engine listing, next year they
will be celebrating their 70 year anniversary. If you check their
products by "antenna - parts" they still manufacturer antenna "egg" and
other style insulators. Amazing!

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