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W3CRR w3crr at aerialacts.com
Fri Nov 11 16:55:15 EST 2005

Hi Neal,

A Cozy MkIV, eh?  Nice!  Did you "homebrew" her?

Shortly after I got out of the Navy, I stepped down from my F-4 Phantom 
II to a  Jeanie's Teeny II.  In fact, I built and test flew Cal Parker's 
prototype in Pensacola.  This miniscule airplane was far more 
frightening (and injurious) than my warbird had been.  I must admit, 
though, the Teeny was superior in one respect. Its numbers were very 
easy to remember.  All V-speeds were the same: 85 mph (knots not yet 
being recognized by civil aviation) -- with the exception of Vno and Vne 
which were, I suspect, about 86 mph.  I did not push the envelope.  
There was none.

After the broomstick-balancing airwork, somewhat akin to flying two 
rotorcraft at once, I flared prettily for my first and only landing 
before a massive aircraft redesign by Mr. Parker.  Big mistake!  We 
pancaked -- the little plane and I -- and both suffered considerable 
bruising of our respective undercarriages.  As they say down South, I 
was stove up for a month.

Years later I overheard Cal at an EAA event telling a fan (with his 
characteristic drawl), "I designed the Teeny Two so that any idiot could 
build and fly it."

How true.



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