[AMRadio] OT: Joke Ebay Auctions

George KB2Z Thermionic_Emission at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 12 10:58:01 EST 2005


I find the whole thing very funny.
I once bid $200,000 on a right handed guitar, advertised as belonging 
to Jimmy Hendrix.
The winner bid $225,000.
I would like to sell my Tower in France. If that 40kW was fed into it, oh boy!
If the tower sells, my Bridge in Brooklyn should sell as well. With a 
phasing arrangement you could load one side of the bridge and use the 
other as a director facing west. Switch the phasing and have it 
reflecting towards the tower in France. All kidding aside, When I was 
a teenager my grandfather bought some property in Fla..  He had to 
wait for a tide change to see it. After all these years I still think 
thats very funny.

Have a Happy Hammin day, George

At 09:20 AM 11/12/05, you wrote:
>What is so sad about foolish joke auctions like this "40,000 watt
>is that there are going to be folks out there that are going to take
>it seriously!!
>There was a fellow that had something like a "100 GHz Pull-Start
>Computer with
>Infinite Ram and Googlebyte Hard Drive." There were bidders right and
>left for
>it, and the picture was a photoshopped image, and it *said the item
>did not really
>exist* in the description.  What happened to peoples sense of humor?
>I guess it's
>like the reason most magazines don't do April first articles any
>more, folks just
>don't "get" things like that any more.
>Tom NU4G
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