[AMRadio] OT: Joke Ebay Auctions

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sat Nov 12 21:31:16 EST 2005

Tom Norris wrote:

> What is so sad about foolish joke auctions like this "40,000 watt  
> is that there are going to be folks out there that are going to take  
> it seriously!!
> There was a fellow that had something like a "100 GHz Pull-Start  
> Computer with
> Infinite Ram and Googlebyte Hard Drive." There were bidders right and  
> left for
> it, and the picture was a photoshopped image, and it *said the item  
> did not really
> exist* in the description.  What happened to peoples sense of humor?   
> I guess it's
> like the reason most magazines don't do April first articles any  
> more, folks just
> don't "get" things like that any more.
> Tom NU4G

The goverment of this land has turned (for the most part) the people of 
this land, into those waiting for a handout.

The government has it's people so dependant upon them (for the most 
part) that people have forgotten how to think for themselves.

We don't kill and process our own meat, we don't plow, sow nor reap our 
own harvest, while milk is no longer delvered, 1 in 1000 people (my 
guestimate) have never reached under a cow, for milk.

No one does things for themselves, anymore.  It seems to me, that the 
last group of folks that have ret/maintained the ability to think, are 
those of us who are creative enough to build stuff on our own.  Not only 
homebrewing hams, but other hobbyists. 

The government has succeeded in 'dumbing down America', and for the most 
part, we're content with that. 

but then... what do we know?


73 = Best Regards,

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