[AMRadio] Need list of good AM radios to start looking for . . .

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 13 12:48:14 EST 2005

>From: "John (W5HG)" <razorback_fan1999 at yahoo.com>
>... The 100D was really bad. I dream of finding a good tube type from some 
>little lady that has one stuck up in the attic... Geoff ,  thanks for time. 
>I will copy these down you gave me. It will make going to the Hamfest that 
>much more fun. I'm kind of scared of Ebay but that might be a way to go 
>too. Is the old Yaesu ft101 or maybe ft102 radios worth a try? I see a few 
>of them here and there.

Isn't the FT-100D the same as the old Tempo One?  Any of those old 
vacuum-tube-on-circuit-board rigs are pure junk, particularly the Tempo One 
and the old FTdx series.  Same goes for the consumer junk that was 
manufactured in that era.  Almost inevitably becomes noisy and intermittent 
after a few years use due to the heating-cooling cycle of the hollow state 

Actually, the FT-101 series isn't half bad as a transmitter, except that it 
generates spurs on 160.  They can be modified to produce good audio, and I 
have seen a few of those rigs with the capability of modulating in the 
vicinity of 150% positive.  But the receiver section has very poor dynamic 
range.  It is full of intermod and goes belly up in the presence of strong 
signals, even at the other end of the band.  I would recommend using a 
separate receiver.

One thing though, the FT-101ZD is not one of the original FT-101 series.  
Those rigs have AM capability, but the  receiver, while much better than the 
original FT-101, has no provision for an AM filter, although one could 
probably be shoehorned in.  The ZD is a stripped down version of the FT-901, 
which was a fairly good rig, but the AM on it sucked, and those rigs had a 
very high failure rate.  I used to do the warranty work for Yaesu amateur 
and commercial 2-way equipment back in the early 80's.

Don k4kyv

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