[AMRadio] Need list of good AM radios to start looking for . . .

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sun Nov 13 13:07:09 EST 2005

Donald Chester wrote:

>> From: "John (W5HG)" <razorback_fan1999 at yahoo.com>
>> ... The 100D was really bad. I dream of finding a good tube type from 
>> some little lady that has one stuck up in the attic... Geoff ,  
>> thanks for time. I will copy these down you gave me. It will make 
>> going to the Hamfest that much more fun. I'm kind of scared of Ebay 
>> but that might be a way to go too. Is the old Yaesu ft101 or maybe 
>> ft102 radios worth a try? I see a few of them here and there.
> Isn't the FT-100D the same as the old Tempo One?  Any of those old 
> vacuum-tube-on-circuit-board rigs are pure junk, particularly the 
> Tempo One and the old FTdx series.  Same goes for the consumer junk 
> that was manufactured in that era.  Almost inevitably becomes noisy 
> and intermittent after a few years use due to the heating-cooling 
> cycle of the hollow state technology.

Don, the FT-100D is a super-small, U/V/HF mobile transciever.  
Otis/K5SWK would say it was 'no bigger'n a disease'. (less than 6 inches 
across the face, around 2 maybe 2.5 inches tall, and about 1inch deep, 
and that's only the face plate.  The 'rig' is at the other end of the 
cable, and in Yaesu's infinite wisdom (or lack thereof) the Mic plug is 
on the rig, -not- the removeable (optional) faceplate.

73 = Best Regards,

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