[AMRadio] Need list of good AM radios to start looking for . . .

peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Sun Nov 13 13:09:18 EST 2005

The FT-100D:

A little different than the Tempo One.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 17:48:14 +0000 "Donald Chester" <k4kyv at hotmail.com>
> Isn't the FT-100D the same as the old Tempo One?  Any of those old 
> vacuum-tube-on-circuit-board rigs are pure junk, particularly the 
> Tempo One 
> and the old FTdx series.  Same goes for the consumer junk that was 
> manufactured in that era.  Almost inevitably becomes noisy and 
> intermittent 
> after a few years use due to the heating-cooling cycle of the hollow 
> state 
> technology.
> Actually, the FT-101 series isn't half bad as a transmitter, except 
> that it 
> generates spurs on 160.  They can be modified to produce good audio, 
> and I 
> have seen a few of those rigs with the capability of modulating in 
> the 
> vicinity of 150% positive.  But the receiver section has very poor 
> dynamic 
> range.  It is full of intermod and goes belly up in the presence of 
> strong 
> signals, even at the other end of the band.  I would recommend using 
> a 
> separate receiver.
> One thing though, the FT-101ZD is not one of the original FT-101 
> series.  
> Those rigs have AM capability, but the  receiver, while much better 
> than the 
> original FT-101, has no provision for an AM filter, although one 
> could 
> probably be shoehorned in.  The ZD is a stripped down version of the 
> FT-901, 
> which was a fairly good rig, but the AM on it sucked, and those rigs 
> had a 
> very high failure rate.  I used to do the warranty work for Yaesu 
> amateur 
> and commercial 2-way equipment back in the early 80's.
> Don k4kyv

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