[AMRadio] Dumber than a rock question . .

bcarling at cfl.rr.com bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Nov 13 13:54:46 EST 2005

Barrie, you can buy push pins specially made to fit tightly into those 
perf board holes and then solder your connections and parts 
directly to the stakes/pins. It is a popular way of anchoring things to 
perf board.  I prefer a metal chassis and terminal boards for larger 
tube stuff.

However, for BOARD type construction the BEST thing is  called 
VERO BOARD. It is hard to find in the USA though.

On 13 Nov 2005 at 11:37, Barrie Smith wrote:

> Well, guys, I've built a heap of stuff over a many year period, but have 
> never used perfboard.
> I'm in the process of building an in-shack controller for an antenna 
> matching device that is at the base of one of my towers.  This unit has a 90 
> microhenry coil therein, with four latching vacuum relays which will short 
> out turns as needed for matching.
> Since the latching vacuum relays have no auxilery contacts, I bought four 
> small perfboard latching relays which will be in the control box in the 
> shack.  These relays will actuate the vacuum relays outside and also light a 
> LED, so I will know how many turns are shorted on the outside coil.
> I bought some perfboard (for the first time), and took a look at it last 
> night.  The relays fit in the holes just fine, with a small amount of pin 
> sticking through the other side.
> So, what the hell do I do with it?  Wrap some wire around the protruding 
> pins and solder it?  Put the wire in an adjacent hole and run a solder 
> trace?
> Well, I told you it was dumb!
> 73, Barrie, W7ALW 
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