[AMRadio] FS: Modulation and Audio Transformers

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Nov 14 11:47:33 EST 2005

For Sale: Modulation And Audio Transformers. NOSB =

Prices are approximate--make an offer.
Stock up now for those winter projects.

Thordarson 21M62A 125W Modulation Transformer. NOSB.
The primary is 210 ma. and the  secondary is 160 ma.
series and 320 ma. parallel. Detailed specifications
are in the box with the transformer. $75

UTC CVM-4 300W modulation transformer. This has new
bolts on it and has been repainted. I assume it was
rusty and this was done to clean it up. $125

UTC CVP-3, round case, 60W output for push-pull by
6L6, 801, 807, 5881, 1614, 1625. Used $35

Thordarson Type 7352: See catalog 400 back page. Was
designed to match PA amplifier to PP transmitter input
in the range of 6000-10000 ohms at 80 watts. 500 ohm
input. $60

Inca N-28. This is a multimatch input and output mod
TF for up to 600 watts or so. The Jones RadioTelephony
book shows an 800 watt transmitter with a push-pull
100th modulator that uses this transformer. See
catalog in INCA N-28 file folder. $150

Thordarson 6423. This is for 800, 830B and RK-18
plates to 5000 ohm 200ma load or 20,000 ohm 100 ma
load. $40

Thordarson 21M50A Universal Modulation Transformer.
NOSB. Pri & Sec 2000 to 20K ohms, 15 watts. $45

Audio Transformers Of All Types

UTC A-18. Used. $10
UTC S-3. Used. $10
UTC S-8 universal driver transformers. 1 plate 2.5:1
to 2 grids 1.3:1. NOSB. $20 each. Two available.
UTC S-18 used. $10

Military SCR-522 driver and modulation transformer
set. Used. $10

Stancor A-3310 20W Output. NOS. No box. $20
Stancor A-3818. Used.  $10
Stancor A-3830 20W Universal Output. Used. $15
Stancor A-3838. 30W Output Autotransformer. Used $20

Merit A-2920. 2.5:1 driver. NOSB. $10
Merit A-3008. 10W moduation. 10K CT to 4K-12K varitap.
NOSB. $15

Thordarson T-15A74 CHT Class A interstage coupling
primary 10K 2,500 single plate. Secondary 40k-10K PP
grids. 1938 vintage in catalog 400AX. Used. $25

Thordarson 24S60 Outp[ut. 4 watts. Class A output 
NOSB with paperwork. Paperwork gives typical tube
types. For example 2A5, 42, 47, 6F6, 10, 45, 71A etc.
(amny more). $20

4- BP brand 70V 10W line matching transformers. NOSB
with schematic on box. $5 each

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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