[AMRadio] ARRL has filed its bandwidth proposal with FCC

dw73454 at alltel.net dw73454 at alltel.net
Wed Nov 16 09:21:18 EST 2005

> Of course, a strict 3.5 kHz limit would shut down 
> a lot of slopbuckets as well.
> Don, k4kyv

Yep...I wuz wonderin' about the ESSB crowd. Therez
quite a bunch running "wideband" SSB. Pretty interesting to
note all the outboard processing gear that is used, along
with expensive "studio" mics.

Having said that (too much already?) SOME of those ESSB
signals take up WAY less bandwidth than the "turn-on-the-processor-crank-it-up-and-use-my-leeenyear"
slopbuckets that occupy 10 or 20 Khz!!!!

73 de Dan WAØJRD ..

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