[AMRadio] BTA-1R in Texas

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sun Nov 20 01:12:15 EST 2005

On Sat, 19 Nov 2005, Patrick Jankowiak wrote:

> My friend has to sell his RCA BTA-1R.
> please do not reply to me. see below.

   I know:  I know, I know....   BUT:

I'm in Carson City.   I have the immediate cash to buy the rig, and Ghod 
Herself knows how badly I want one of those...  there's just no way to 
arrange a DX-Rescue that fast.

   So - if possible, would you be willing to act as my (highly-paid) agent 
for a bit?

   I'd like to know if you can snag the rig, get it to somewhere nearby 
that it can sit for a while, and then let me work out the Transportation 
details - whether I come and get it, or have it palletized and 
shrink-wrapped - details details...

   Anyway I can PayPal cash to you and/or Scott, or FedEx the cash to him, 
as in a pair of 100's - but I do need some 'help' on that end.

   And naturally I'll be happy to compensate you as necessary - as long as 
it don't break me...   ;}

   Again, sorry I disobeyed, but I thought I'd ask you about this first 
before I raise any flags.

  Lastly, I have a nice little home business re-building and restoring 
vintage car electronics and small motors...  www.electricrestoration.com 
(crappy site, needs work)...  so if Scott can help us out on this - I'd be 
happy to offer my services to him in return...

    Lemme know...


John  KB6SCO

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