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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Nov 28 10:08:52 EST 2005

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My only complaint is that I have so many kids that the leftovers never last more than a day. Haaarruph...

Last week, I asked about the value of an HW-8 unbuilt kit. The reason I asked was because I had gotten a call from a guy who said he had a bunch of stuff he wanted to get rid of including one of those. Well, last Friday, I went deep into central PA to meet him, about 2 hours, drive. The roads got smaller and progressively less well-cared for as I went. They guy lives in a tiny town (no red light) named Cherry Tree. He's not a ham but he collects and restores antique broadcast sets. He had purchased this load of stuff from an SK's estate. The SK was a ham, Elliott A. Henry, but I don't have his call. Elliott apparently did ultrasonics for a living-non-destructive testing of metals. It looks like (from the files that were in the garage) he retired about 1980. 

The guy who had this stuff was living in a small white house with the shop on the first floor and the living quarters above. He is 80 years old and long-since retired. His wife has arthritis so bad that she is all crumpled up and confined to a wheelchair. The guy has to do everything for her. 

The stuff was almost all parts-no radios at all-except for the HW-8. There were tube caddies full of old TV types and boxes of pulls in abundance. We had agreed on a price before I went out there so I paid up and loaded up. The stuff filled my Pontiac Montana minivan floor to ceiling-including the passenger seat--good thing I had removed the other seats before heading out there.  

I spent the weekend going through it. Most of the stuff is junk. But there was some worthwhile stuff besides the HW-8. Here's a for sale list from that pile...

For Sale. Shipping additional.

Heathkit HW-8 unbuilt kit. The box has been gone through multiple times. I can't guarantee that all the parts are present, though it looks probable. All the major parts-cabinet and circuit board, plus the manual, are definitely there. In the original box. As-is. $269

Heathkit HW-32 kit parts. This would be an unbuilt kit except there's no box and most of the parts are missing. But the circuit board, chassis frame, and front panel are there--unused, plus some other parts. Make your own Heathkit. $69

Military WWII T-17 microphones--four to sell. These are made by Shure Brothers and are brand new in the (opened) boxes.  The cable rubber seems to be in good shape and is not brittle. $25 each, all four for $80.

Morris Coilmaster Coil Winder.  I believe this is complete. It is like new, hardly used and may be in the original box.  With instruction sheet (2 sided). $79

Military WWII Navy ASB-4 receiver with the rare mounting rack. The receiver has had parts removed but it has no unoriginal holes and could be restored.  The rack is in near-mint condition. $149/both

Southwest Technical Products Corporation unbuilt function generator kit. Has case, panel, switches and pots, but no instructions and not many other parts. As-is. $14

National straight-through gearbox for use with a PW dial. The straight-through model is uncommon (the one used in the HRO is a right-angle drive). Used. As-is. $29

J. W. Miller MD-5 Vernier dial with scale and pointer, NOSB. This has 4 scales on the dial. The black wrinkle metal frame is 6-1/4 wide by 4-1/8 high and 1/8 inch thick. (9 to 1 vernier). Brand new. $15

MFJ 910 HF Mobile Antenna Matcher. NOSB. $7

B&W 425 low pass filter, NOSB. $8

National TMA-100C 100MMF 12,000 volt rated bread slicer variable cap, NOSB. This is a single-section cap, not split-stator. It's about 14 inches long. Absolutely magnificent. $35

Two Tektronix blank plug-in unit kits for CA-size plug-ins, NOSB. These kits have blank front and back panels and the rails to make a blank plug-in to fit into the 535, 545 and similar series Tektronix oscilloscopes. I guess this was for situations where you wanted to make a custom plug-in for these 'scopes. $10/both

T-19/ARC-5 3-4mc Transmitter, ham modified. It looks like someone started to modify this TX and then stopped after not getting very far. The roller inductor, window frame, antenna connector and antenna relay are missing. But they have been cleanly removed-with no unoriginal holes or damage. Otherwise, this TX is entirely original. Just add the missing pieces from a junker or your junk box, and you've got a nice-looking 80M TX. The paint is in nice shape except for some peeling along the chassis sides. All tubes and xtal are present. Try it. You'll like it. $29

More to follow...
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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