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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Nov 28 10:15:02 EST 2005

For Sale

Hallicrafters knob. This is the kind used on the S-29 or S-39. They have the same skirt as the SX-28, but the body of the knob is a fat cylinder. Skirt is 0-5 left and 0-5 right. $3

Three chrome Heathkit knobs as used on the Mohawk, Apache, Seneca and others. 2 of these are half inch round with no skirt. The other is 1.25 inch including the skirt. All for $8.

Black "diamond" shaped lever knobs. These were used on many radios. The knob is loosely shaped like a diamond, 1.75 inches long and ½ inch thick at the center, tapering to 3/8th inch at each end. Black bakelite. $3 each. Five to sell. 

Freebies. I have 2 transmitting tubes here that have no bases, They have filament continuity and look okay. Free to good home. One is a 211, I think-it has a tip at the top of the envelope and looks used. The other is a 203A or VT-4 or similar type. It looks brand new.  Anyway, these are free to a good home if you want to try doing something with them.

MANUALS: $5 each plus $2 US media mailing
		RCA Type 350-A Square Wave Generator Original Manual
		RCA 715A Oscilloscope
	Heathkit SM-118A Auto-Ranging Frequency Counter
	Heathkit ET-3100 Electronic Design Experimenter
	Bendix T-136 D/F Calibration Transmitter
	Kenwood DM-81 Dip Meter
	Heathkit GD-348 Deluxe Metal Locator
	Heathkit CP-1060 Capacitive Discharge Ignition
	Heathkit IT-121 FET/Transistor Tester
	Heathkit IT-1121 Semiconductor Curve Tracer
	Tektronix Type CA Plug-In

LITERATURE, all plus $2 media mailing unless noted otherwise.

Design Methods For High Frequency Transformers, Automatic Manufacturing, A div. Of General Instrument, 1957, about 350 pages, 8.5x11 format. $23

Practical Analysis of  UHF Transmission Line, Resonant Sections, Resonant Cavities and Wave Guides, Meagher & Markley, RCA, 1943. $2

RCA HB-3 Vols 5-8. Missing Vols 1-4. 5 thru 8 cover Receiving Type Industrial Tubes, and Receiving Tubes. Fabulous Reference. $20 plus $4 US media mailing

RCA Receiving Tubes Flyer, 16 pages, 1946. $3

Military TM 11-671 Cathode Ray Tubes and Their Associated Circuits, 1951, 217 pages. $3

Ten-Tec Brochure Set, covers PM-3, PM-2, RX-10 and the enclosures. $3

Military MIL-STD-439A (WEP) Military Standards for Electronic Circuits, 1958, 263 pages. $7

Military NAVAER 16-1-519 Supplement 1 and Supplement 2 Handbook of Preferred Circuits for Navy Aeronautical Electronic Equipment, 1958-59. About 150 pages total. $5

Motorola Silicon Zener Diode and Rectifier Handbook,  1961, 181 pages, ring-bound. $5

Motorola Zener Diode Handbook, 1967, about 175 pages. $5

Electronics Designer's Casebook, Volumes 1 and 2, undated, by the editors of Electronics Magazine, 350+ pages total. $7

Electronics Circuit Designer's Casebook, Volumes 1 and 2, by the Editors of Electronics Magazine, undated, 400+ pages. $7

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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