[AMRadio] FS: Parts EFJ, Millen, Bud, RCA, UTC, Thordarson, More

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Mon Nov 28 17:19:08 EST 2005

I want the 4 Bud Coils. Also the B&W coils. If you ever see ant 160 JEL's,
latch onto them.
                         73 de Joe W4AAB
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For Sale: Bad price? Make an offer. Looking for something else? Ask!

EF Johnson 150ED30 dual 152mmf variable cap, NOSB. $15
EF Johnson  153-510 dual 100 uuf 7,000V variable cap, NOSB. $25

Millen Parts, $30 for all. All NOSB unless noted.
Five 74001 RX coils, NOS, no box
Eight 34280 80 uh RF Choke
Two 34926-choke in bakelite case

Bud Coils: $10 all 4
Five-pin: 15JEL, 20JEL
Six Pin: 10E, 20E

1625 Tubes: 2 NOSB, 8 pulls that look unused. $17/all

Two RCA 807 tubes, one NOSB and one tested like new. $10/pair

Two RCA UR-542A ceramic tibe sockets for 4-pin triodes like 852, 100TH, etc.
Used. $8/pair

Two EF Johnson ceramic sockets for old 4-pin triodes-identical to RCA
sockets above. Used. $8/pair

Two EF Johnson large ceramic tube sockets. These are for your 250TH, 810 and
similar tubes. Used. $8/pair

Four EF Johnson 122-227-1 7-pin ceramic tube sockets, NOSB. $15/all

Kenyon T-473 output transformer, NOSB. The tag says "Cath-O-Drive PP 6L6's
AB or AB2 to Variable Load, Max Sec D.C. -450ma."  $25

Bud OCS-1. Tag says  "10 to 160 Meter Oscillator and Buffer Band Switch
Assembly". This switches in various combinations of 3 coils. With label
plate and sturdy ceramic switch. Proibably good for up to 20 watts or so. I
have five of these. Three NOSB $14 each and two without box, needing a
clean-up--$7 each.

UTC VM-5 300W Modulation transformer. Looks unused, but dirty. $125

Thordarson CHT Transformer type T-15S90 15 watt high-quality universal
output transformer. Used, but in nice shape. $35

Thordarson CHT Transformer type T-15A74 audio transformer. I believe this is
a multi-impedance driver trnsformer. $15

Two UTC H-170 Filter reactors (NOSB) with 2 windings. In series, it is
.18-.11 HY at up to 2.A. In parallel, .045 Hy to 3 Mhy at up to 5A.  $5

Stancor P-8380 Filament Transformer, NOSB. 10V @ 3A, 1500VRMS test. $7

Stancor P-6308 filament transformer, used, 6.3V at 10A CT. $5

Stancor P-6456 filament transformer 6.3V @ 6A CT, 2000V test. $7

Stancor P-6469 filament transformer 25.2V @ 1A., unused. $3

Thordarson TR-5 490 ohms CT to 150 ohms CT. 150mw. Used, in box. $2

Thordarson TR-79 transistor power supply transformer input 6VDC output 250V,
6W. NOSB with docs. $5

Thordarson TR-309 Unioversal Driver Transistor Transformer Turns Ratio 1:1
thru 10:1, 1 watt. NOSB with docs. $5

Todd Electric transformer 115V input, 9-36 volts out depending on strapping.
2A at any voltage, 4A at 9V or 18V. NOSB with clear strapping instructions
on it.  $5

B&W 80BVL 4-pin coil with ceramic base. Good condition. Needs cleaned. $7

B&W 80TL Five-pin coil with ceramic base. Taps have been soldered along the
top of the coil. But ignore these and this coil is in good shape. $7

B&W 80TVL four-pin coil with jackbar and swinging link assembly. Coil needs
some attention due to deterioration. But it is easily made right. $10

Simpson Model 374 0-1000 microamperes DC meter in black bakelite case. Five
ranges: 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000. Uses binding posts for connections.
Working perfectly. $10

Simpson Model 373 0-1000 milliamperes DC meter in black bakelite case. Nine
ranges: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000. Uses binding posts for
connections. Working perfectly. $10

Triplett Model 676 0-1000 microamperes DC meter in black bakelite case. Five
ranges: 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000. Uses pin jacks for connections. Working
perfectly. $10

Homebrew "thing". I think this is a 160 meter exciter. It's in a 19 inch
wide gray hammertone aluminum cabinet about 12 inches high and 12 inches
deep. The chassis is also aluminum. The PS is solid state, well-filtered,
and powered by a line isolation transfomer. The only tubes in it are 2
50L6's. An aluminum box inside, that I didn't open, is marked 1,800,865 HZ.
There are two variable caps, an MA meter and several toggle and rotary
switches on the front. The ex-command set antenna connector is also on the
front. On the back is a 4-pin female cinch-jones socket-for what? No key or
mic connector is obvious.  Ceramic feed-throughs and tube sockets. Nice
construction practices. But what's it good for? $15 as-is.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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