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bcarling at cfl.rr.com bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 2 05:27:30 EDT 2005

$39 plus shipping seems high. ANd $50 for the Bristol set 
seems a litle steep too,
but thanks for reporting your good experience with them.

They are smart for providing really good service, rather than
trying to compete with the price slashers like Harbor Freight tools 

On 1 Oct 2005 at 14:45, AB3L1 at aol.com wrote:

> I wanted to share a good experience with a vender. They are Contact   
> East/Jensen Tools in Woburn, Ma.
> When I got a SP-600 here I wanted to  get the front panel re-done. Getting  
> down inside to loosen the Allen  screws on the flex shafts became a little 
> bit of 
> a challenge and I knew that  an Allen set like my Xcellite Bristol 11 pc.set  
> would be the  ticket.
> The regular suppliers that I would normally go to( N or M  )  couldn't fill 
> my 
> needs so luckily I found Contact East. Quick deal all  of  the way.
> The set I got was the 99PS40 
> I have no personal  interest in this company.
> Bob AB3L
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