[AMRadio] Minature Mobile Transmitter

Mike Dorworth,K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
Sun Oct 2 17:20:40 EDT 2005

>From QST, September, 1952 Class B modulator. The 12AX7 modulator tube
delivers approximately 6 watts output.

>From QST, November, 1951  A Deluxe Mobile Transmitter for 14 and 28 Mc. Two
12AX7s- each tube having similar elements in parallel- operate at zero-bias
in Class B modulator circuit which delivers approximately 15 watts output.
(300 volts)

ARRL Mobile Manual 1st edition, page 178, The modulator employs a type 12AX7
tube and delivers approximately 7 watts output.
280 volts resting 10 ma, peak 30 ma.

QST, December 1956 . 10-12 watts input 50 mc mobile transmitter designed to
operate on the most INEXPENSIVE power supply readily available (for mobile)
. The modulator tube is a type 12AX7.....the modulator plate current should
jump 20 to 25 ma above the no-signal value of 6 ma.

>From ARRL Handbook, 1960,  37th edition, page V17,  12AX7, 300 volts, 0
volts grid bias load resistance 16 k ohms output power 7.5 watts.

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