[AMRadio] Yaesu FT-102 on AM

peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Mon Oct 3 12:46:40 EDT 2005

Go here, there's 3 mod articles on the FT-102:

Go here for the NE-602 balanced modulator for the FT-102:

Paul may know of some additional ones.
Pete, wa2cwa

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 11:26:32 -0500 "Skip Frolik" <frolik at gulftel.com>
> Hello Paul,
> You've peaked my curiosity about the Yaesu FT-102.
> Several years ago a close friend of mine gave me an
> FT-102 station. Wally was going into an assisted
> home and no room for radios. I don't believe he
> ever used it on AM but it does have the AM/FM module
> installed. I personally have never used it. Just put
> it on the shelf as a memory from him. (He's now SK)
> Hmmmmm .... maybe I should get it down and find the
> mods that relate to AM. I took a quick look at your
> web site thinking you might have some reference to
> that but didn't see anything. Also did the usual
> web search using different search engines. That was
> sort of interesting .... Hi. Got over a thousand
> references to FT-102 including several *Zoom* sites.
> Hmmmmm .... FT-102 was used in *Zoom* movies ????
> Hehehe .... ya gotta love the garbage on the Internet.
> Anyway if you have any personal info on AM mods for
> the FT-102 I'd appreciate it. If nothing else I'll
> archive it and put it with the radio for a possible
> later project. AM is all I'm really interested
> in these days and most of the time I don't consider
> the ham solid state/hybrid gear that interesting
> but maybe I need to readjust my attitude .... Hi.
> *By the way I had to resend this message with the
> word Zoom cause using (starts with a p ends with an
> n second letter is an o and third is an r .... Hi)
> caused the filters to take this as spam*.
> Hehehe .... interesting filtering.
> Thanks
> Skip
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> Subject: [AMRadio] Equipment discussion -- AM "value"
> Hi Jose,
> Welcome to AM !  At least that's what I get from your
> questions.
> To establish "value" for an AM rig you have to set
> some priorities.
> If you also plan to use the equipment on SSB you may
> limit yourself somewhat because of likely technical
> compromises. Broadly stated, most contemporary
> transceivers presume the user will be using SSB, so
> the audio quality on transmit and receive will
> typically suffer on AM. That's because manufactuers
> traditionally shortchange audio quality for SSB. For
> those of us who use only AM, such rigs have little
> value. There are exceptions, including the Yaesu
> FT-102 which can be dressed up with some audio
> modifications to sound like this:
> http://www.wa3vjb.com/sound/HUZ-FT102%20(2).mp3
> The older Yaesu FT-101E can also be made to sound very
> good, and the purchase price for used gear like this
> is less than $400.  Here's Frank's example of the
> transceiver:
> http://www.wa3vjb.com/sound/WY3D-Demo.mp3
> On receive, the Ten-Tec RX 340 uses synchronous
> detection and low-distortion audio circuitry to
> recover audio that sounds like this:
> http://www.wa3vjb.com/sound/DefinitiveVJB.mp3
> I have to point out that the economic value is
> different than the practical operating value. The
> Yaesu FT1000MP sounds very, very good when
> transmitting AM with a good quality microphone. Yet,
> why pay for all the other stuff on there that a user
> oriented toward AM would never utilize? For the person
> who specializes iN AM, the same or far less money
> could be spent on a rig designed with AM as its
> emphasis. If you're planning vintage gear (and this is
> the sort of equipment that emphasizes AM) you'll need
> to sort out whether you can settle for audio that
> sounds like the space shuttle, or whether you want
> audio that's human-sounding: warm and high quality. In
> this equation, establishing "value" is up to you
> rather than recommendations from out here. You'll know
> what you want.
> Best of luck, and feel free when you decide among some
> candidates to run them by the opionion gallery here.
> Paul/VJB
> Annapolis

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